Sunday, March 27, 2011


This past week Graham and I went ahead and registered for Baby Boy Mal! Oh, it was so fun picking out clothes and items for the little guy :) Who would have thought a baby would need so much though! I asked friends for suggestion on the "must haves" so hoping that we'll be set with their helpful suggestions. In case you want to take a peek - we're registered at Target (which is about all we have here on the Big Island - though I'm not complaining, because I so appreciate it!)

Simply go to: and search under my first and last name!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love for the Nations

After an incredible, whirlwind trip into Asia, we are safely home! It truly was amazing to step foot back into Thailand - a country that feels like home, and also venture into Cambodia and the Philippines for the first time. We loved the people, and ministries that we are committed to sending our outreach teams into now. It was a trip that was incredibly strategic for the DTS' in Kona, but also solidified in our hearts once again our love for the nations and specifically our role in coordinating things from this side. Ah, my heart yearns to see young people released into these nations that I love!

I never could had expected how much travel we were going to do though! Out of the 14 days away, 6 of them were easily spent with some portion of significant travel, but by completely supernatural grace from God, I actually felt the BEST those two weeks out of the entire pregnancy. See! I was created to be in the nations :) What a fun story that we'll be able to tell our little guy too - a world traveler, even before he was born. It's definitely part of his inheritance. 

Here's pregnant me, at 24 weeks in Thailand.....

If you want to read more about our trip check out: :) 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And we're off!

So here I am, up late, procrastinating on my last little bit of packing before jetting off tomorrow. Wow! We head to Asia in the morning. First we'll be making a brief stop in Bangkok, Thailand, before continuing by bus to Battambang, Cambodia. We'll be there for 4 amazing days and then back to Bangkok for 2 days. Lots of meetings and ministry sightings! Then flying to the Manilla in the Philippines, before heading a bit further south to Batangas for 4 days. All adding up to two full weeks!

If you think of us, pray for us and protection over us and our baby Mal. We are so expectant as to what's going to unfold not only for us, but many other teams that will follow at these locations.

And the Lord has been so faithful to provide! Yesterday morning, still needing almost $1000, I was throwing (in my heart) a pity party, wondering..."are we crazy,"...."how in the world are we going to do this?"....but as usual, my God showed up, stirred the hearts of people around us who believe in what we're doing, so that we can leave tomorrow with a trip paid! I was totally embarrassed by my lack of faith and wondering. He truly is our provider!

5 1/2 months pregnant and off to travel the world yet again - so excited to do this with my husband (just the two of us!), and can't wait to do this with a little one in tow next :) Oh, and I posted a new belly photo on the side bar - it's comin' in!