Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh teething....

Drool is everywhere. Soaking onesies, dripping on the floor, all over toys, splashing on my clothes. Everywhere! We have officially entered this next stage with Levi and he is most DEFINITELY teething. Any spare moment, he is shoving something in his mouth to gnaw and bite down on. Cold wash cloths, chilled teethers, toys of all shapes and sizes and even anyone who comes near to him, their fingers, instantly get grabbed a hold of and pulled towards his gummy, slobbery mess of a mouth.

Current favorites are his pal "Sophie" - a bendable, squeezable, bite-able giraffe that was created in France and has been around for 50 years (not mine... :) just the original toy concept). Also, he's loving chomping down on a wet wash cloth to ease those sore gums too. We're also currently trying out the "RaZbaby" teether too thanks to a thoughtful gift from a friend and new mommy too with her own little teething baby!

So now, we are just waiting to see those pearly whites pop up for the proof and explanation to why there's wet puddles of slobber everywhere! Here's just some shots of what Levi munching away!

Typically teether
And the side of his playmat?!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting caught up with the top 10 things that have happened since the last blog...

I have obviously been WAY behind on blogging....and those reasons are ones that don't make the top 10 (like Levi's first cold, acid reflux, and too many sleepless nights and undone dishes!) But to catch everyone up on what's happened in these last 26 days I made a "Top 10" list for the Month of October until present....

10. Levi started rolling from side to side...he lays there now playing with toys. He also found his toes around the same time and though they are not in his mouth yet, I'm sure like everything else they will be soon.

9. Graham came home from two weeks away in Asia!! Ahhh, it was SO great to have him home with us!
Dad's returned!
8. I celebrated a birthday and turned 26! (Which for the first time made me feel rather old....come on, 26 is closer to 30 than 20...) I had a great day celebrating with my boys and my sister. This included pool time, presents, frozen yogurt and the best - Levi drew a picture for me! Ha :) Graham had him pick out colors and then held the card still for him to "draw" on while his limbs were flailing away. This one is a keeper! 
Birthday Card with Levi's Picture
7. I started eating "dairy free" due to Levi's reflux. While this isn't exciting, the fact that it's completely gone and my little guy sleeps again is! Now I'm looking for new Vegan recipes and enjoying putting Pinterest to good use! 

6. Levi had his first giggle!! :) Now he can't stop when he thinks things are amusing - like us singing him silly songs or throwing him in the air, or playing with his feet!

5. We had our first skype calls where Levi actually engaged with his Grandparents on the screen. Too cute! I'm sure they love his talking, smiles and cooing too! The perfect thing for families that are apart. 

4. Graham and I reminisced when, one year ago on Oct. 29th we found out we were going to be parents while visiting our family in Florida. 

3. We applied Levi for his US passport. I also found out that he's already also considered a Canadian citizen since he is the first generation born outside of we just have to get his proof of citizenship for him to be dual. 
I'm going to be a world traveler :)
2. Levi turned 4 months old - he had two vaccinations and had measurements of 12lbs 13oz and  is 24.25inches tall :) 
4 months old
1. We booked tickets home to Vancouver, BC for Christmas!! Levi will have his first plane ride, international trip and (hopefully!) a White Christmas!