Saturday, November 19, 2011

Oh teething....

Drool is everywhere. Soaking onesies, dripping on the floor, all over toys, splashing on my clothes. Everywhere! We have officially entered this next stage with Levi and he is most DEFINITELY teething. Any spare moment, he is shoving something in his mouth to gnaw and bite down on. Cold wash cloths, chilled teethers, toys of all shapes and sizes and even anyone who comes near to him, their fingers, instantly get grabbed a hold of and pulled towards his gummy, slobbery mess of a mouth.

Current favorites are his pal "Sophie" - a bendable, squeezable, bite-able giraffe that was created in France and has been around for 50 years (not mine... :) just the original toy concept). Also, he's loving chomping down on a wet wash cloth to ease those sore gums too. We're also currently trying out the "RaZbaby" teether too thanks to a thoughtful gift from a friend and new mommy too with her own little teething baby!

So now, we are just waiting to see those pearly whites pop up for the proof and explanation to why there's wet puddles of slobber everywhere! Here's just some shots of what Levi munching away!

Typically teether
And the side of his playmat?!

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