Thursday, February 24, 2011

Going to Asia....

Friends - wanted to share the recent newsletter that Graham and I put together sharing about our upcoming trip to Asia (next week!) We are currently in the process of raising the remaining funds to go, traveling to Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines for 2 weeks.

Originally we had planned on taking this strategic trip earlier this year in January, but after I was so sick we felt like it was wise to wait. And that's when all the other excused started to come up....."well, do we really want to support raise for a trip when we're having a baby?" or "shouldn't we just start focusing on family"....all of this was just unbelief that the Lord could provide for both a ministry trip that He told us to go on, as well as our child to come. We were so challenged! This trip has truly pushed us to trust him for both the ministry He's given and called us to continue in and trust Him for our growing family. Our tent pegs are growing! Both in the nations and with the Malinowski name :) Do we really believe that He's a God of provision for all things He's put before us? YES!

So here we are: last week, we put an end to our excuses (and rebellion!), booked our tickets in faith, fully believing we heard from the Lord to go, trusting that He'll provide as he lays it on other's hearts as well as providing a fullness of heath for me traveling. This is all part of the journey of becoming a mom in missions and ministry.

You can read more about the trip at by reading our e-newsletter. Please pray for us! And if you feel called to partner we'd be so blessed.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First, firsts!

Oh wow - I have been a horrible "blogger" and have definitely gotten behind on my posts, but for good reason. Last week I had an incredible week away in Oahu! We headed over for ministry, but were super blessed to have my parents come over to visit with us too!! Oh, it was so good to be with them and fun to show them my ever growing baby bump.

In the midst of the last two weeks on my non-blogging I've had all these fun baby firsts that I figure I must just share. I'm now 21 weeks but here are some fun things that have happened in the past few days:
1. Baby Boy Mal got his first bit of clothes (not only a bit, but enough stuff...including a 10 pack of cloth diapers....that we had to get another carry on suitcase to bring it home to Kona!) Thanks Mom!
2. I felt the baby move for the first time! Totally a crazy, wonderful experience.
3. I had to unbutton my jeans and pull out a nifty "bella-band" (essentially a large piece of spandex material so you can simply unbutton your pants, but still wear them with your expanding belly)
4. Graham felt the baby move!! Ah, so cool to have him a part of it!
5. We booked Baby Mal's first international travel experience....mind you, he'll obviously be in the womb, but still with us! (PS - we are headed to Asia in one week! Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines for 2 weeks on behalf of the DTS department here with YWAM Kona. I love my life!)

It's been so wonderful to be released into so my joy and anticipation over being pregnant and expecting our first child. Thankfully, I have also not been as sick which as been great, but something with that ultrasound sure made this whole thing real for me, and for us.

Lastly, many have been wondering and asking "do you have a name?" We have decided to keep this part a secret :) And truthfully, we currently don't have one picked out! Which is good because if we did I would really have a hard time keeping that secret! But you will all have to wait until this summer to know what we're going to call our little guy. A good reason to continue to read my blogs..... :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

First photo of Baby Mal

I can not express how filled with JOY we are today after our ultrasound! It was incredible. And here now to announce that Baby Mal is a BOY!! A healthy 9 oz at 18 weeks and 6 days, and super cute already :) We were in awe watching him stretch, kick and squirm on the screen - it was absolutely amazing! Here's one of the ultrasound pictures we got to take home....our first photo of the little guy.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Girl or Boy?

Tomorrow we are so excited to be finding out if Baby Mal is a girl or a boy - I can't wait to know and start all the fun planning, registering, shopping and name finding! Of course along the way we've been trying to guess what we're having based on dreams, "that feeling," taking a poll, and asking the Lord :)
A week or so ago a friend of mine emailed be a list of old wives tales that help you determine baby's gender, and some of them are pretty interesting!

If you're having a girl:
- have extreme morning sickness
- carry high with weight all around
- crave more sweet food, fruit and juice
- looking "worse for wear"
- have softer skin and hands
- have duller, thinner hair
- baby's heartbeat is over 140 bpm

If you're having a boy:
- feel great!
- carry low with weight just out front
- crave salty and sour foods
- looking incredible; everyone says you're blooming
- have drier skin
- have shinny, fuller hair
- baby's heart beat is below 140 bpm on the clear evidence stated above, we are having both! Haha. That's ok, tomorrow we'll know. Praying simply for a heathy, happy baby!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

All I want is fruit!

In the past few days I think I've finally come into my first real pregnancy craving. And it's good, heathy one too - all I've been able to think about is eating fruit! Apples, bananas, grapefruit, bananas, avocados, peaches, strawberries, orange juice.....fresh, frozen or all blended together I have not been able to get enough!
Well today I was introduced and tried for the first time acai (say it like: ah-sigh-EE)....which is not only a little remarkable, Brazilian berry, but super good for you too! Acai is a small, dark purple, grape-like shaped berry that's 90% seed and 10% mighty goodness. It's a berry that sweet and ends with a dark chocolaty flavor. For an afternoon treat, my friend treated me a delicious Acai Bowl at a fun local Kona spot. The bowl is a blended version of acai (sort of like a smoothie) then toped with natural granola, coconut, honey and (by my pick today) sliced strawberries, bananas and blueberries. I think it was one of the yummiest things I've had.
Check these guys out (and the pictures) at:

18 weeks pregnant and loving fruit, LOVING acai. Big news is that we have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday! As long as Baby Mal cooperates, we'll even be able to find out the gender - we cannot wait!!