Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Having parents from two different countries, Levi has the opportunity to celebrate multiple occasions and holidays. Thanksgiving is one of them! In Canada, we have Thanksgiving over a long weekend in October on a Sunday and Monday. Thankfully (no pun intended ;)...haha) my Mom has been here to help me while Graham has been away, and last night she cooked us an incredible Thanksgiving feast for us to share with other Canadian YWAM'ers here in Kona too. Levi, got all dressed up in his Turkey suit (thanks to you Cynde & Brooke!) to commemorate his first Thanksgiving! 

Levi's "Turkey Suit"
I am so thankful for so many people who are invested in my life, Levi's, our family and our ministry. It's so powerful to have days set aside to remember to walk in gratitude of what the Lord's poured out and how He's richly blessed us. Obviously, we shouldn't just be thankful on one day a year, but remember to express our love and appreciation everyday! It is so important to me that I teach Levi to have a heart of gratitude and thankfulness, and like most things, I'm learning that I will have to model this attitude in spirit and action so that I have a child who understands the goodness of the Lord and the graciousness of people and family. At least then, this little boy will grow up having that formal opportunity twice a year for sure! 

Levi, are you thankful for Mommy? :)
Thank you Mom for the delicious dinner!

The blessing of Family!

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