Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just the two of us

This morning Levi and I sent Graham off on a two week adventure into Asia! Part of our job here entails that we travel to the locations where we send our teams to meet contacts, set up ministries, and learn how to better plan, prepare and equip the young missionaries we are sending out. We love this part of our job! But this is the first time I'm not going, and the longest Graham and I have been apart in our 5 years of marriage. So, before the sun was even up this morning, we said our goodbyes, anticipating 15 days of our family being on two different continents. When I tell people my husband will be away for 2 weeks and I have a 13 week old, people sort of look at me like I'm nuts. Who does that? But I can confidently say, that I know without any doubt this is the right time and season for Graham to be traveling. That's what obedience to the Lord looks like. It doesn't always make sense to everyone, or is even easy, but there's a grace, favor and peace in your spirit that is like none other.

Levi @ 13 weeks, dressed like Dad :)
So here we are, Levi and I - just the two of us.....we have a few days for me to really experience what single parenthood entails (I'm only 16hrs into it, and I already know you guys are champs!), and then I'm super blessed to have my Mom fly over for a visit and to lend her time, wisdom, energy, love and care to the both of us. See what I mean by favor!

But to Graham - Levi and I are praying for you every night, trust the Lord for safe travels, incredible wisdom, fruitful and effective ministry and divine encounters with both the locals and in your own heart with the Lord. We are so excited for the adventure you are embarking on, and know that you are bringing the kingdom to some remarkable places! The picture is just to show how much your little boy looks like you!

Here's to joyful obedience and the fruit that remains when we trust in Him!

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