Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall is here....

Today I realized that regardless of the hot days here in Kona, fall is here! It's almost October for goodness sake! I love what I do with ministry here with YWAM and these next few days are some of my favorite. As we start our last quarter of the year here at the University of the Nations we welcome hundreds of new faces and students to our YWAM family. I love how the campus is buzzing with so many passionate young people, who are ready and excited to encounter the living God is a fresh way! So many come in for a Discipleship Training School, which is the ministry of discipleship and training (hence the name, obviously), that Graham and are specifically plugged into and love working with. Students come from all over to be trained as missionaries to go out literally "into all the world" to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19&20). And that is truly why I live here in Kona - not because it's Hawaii, for the beaches, warm weather, lack of seasons....but because I am called to raise up a generation and release them to bring the gospel and with that, revival, to the nations!! The base here in Kona is the LARGEST young adult, evangelical, mission sending, facility in the world - so if that's my calling, it only makes sense to be here, right?!

This quarter is incredibly special to me to because my sister is coming (in fact she arrives is just a few hours!) to do the Community Transformations DTS!! Though she is my younger sister, she is actually my best friend, and I am beyond thrilled to have her here for the next three months to run together again. It is such a treasure even for Levi to spend time with her too and for him to get to know his Auntie even better. The Lord is so good and he sure surprises us sometimes!

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